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Natasha is incredibly perceptive, and no doubt understands that Steve’s problems are less to do with his fish-out-of-water situation of being in the 21st century, and more to do with his crushing loneliness. Steve gives every impression of genuinely liking people, but he’s lost everyone he ever knew and grew up with, and is surrounded by people that he doesn’t really trust. He’s so lonely that he’s literally at the point of having intensely emotional conversations with a guy he met while jogging at the park, so Natasha is making the effort to help him improve his social life.

All of those girlfriend recommendations also come with a subtextual hint that she doesn’t want to date him, to discourage off the possibility of him getting too attached because she’s his only friend. She’s purposefully putting herself in the role of “bantery team member” rather than potential love interest, and as a result they seem to have a pretty close relationship already — or as close as you can ever get to Black Widow, anyway.

Black Widow and Falcon in Captain America: The Winter Soldier

(Source: hellotailor)


I have finished reading Captain America! At least until next month’s issue comes out.

Therefore I bring you the Gallery of Captain Facepalm.

Left to right, top to bottom: Avengers #7, 1964; Avengers #106, 1972; What If… #5, 1977; Captain America #268, 1982; Captain America #282, 1983; Captain America #250, 1980; Captain America #398, 1992; Captain America #425, 1994; Captain America #15, 1999; and Captain America Annual #2, 1972. 

That last one’s just in there because he looks like he would be facepalming if he could.


it always irritated me how in movies and tv shows people never shut the door. if i left the door open i would always get yelled at. “YOU WEREN’T RAISED IN A BARN SHUT THAT DAMN DOOR YOU’RE LETTING ALL THE A/C OUT”