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I have a lot of feelings about Saves the Day.
I also write about comics for Retcon Punch and sometimes I play bass.
Sometimes I'll write on this blog, but it's mostly just my place to reblog anything I find funny or appealing or interesting.
I promise you I'll never be "that guy", and if I am, please feel free to side-eye me until I shape up.
I love comics, music, and a wide assortment of pretty much every kind of entertainment out there. Check out the links below to see more of what I'm into!
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The Flash #17 Guest-Review

Hey guys, I’d love it if you’d check out my guest review of The Flash #17 over on Retcon Punch.  Working with co-editor Drew, we had a lot to talk about: Gorilla jokes, love triangles, the Reverse Flash’s rad new design—it’s a jam-packed issue!

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