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Here’s An Idea I Had About Batman 

So as you may already be aware, I like Batman a lot, which means I think about Batman all the time, and ever since I started writing comics, I’ve been thinking about what I would do if I could do a Batman story. That’s pretty common, right? I mean, surely everyone has a Batman pitch in their back pocket just in case it ever comes up. One of mine, the one that I think could actually work really well, was The Batman of the 30th Century.

The basic idea comes from two things: One, that the Legion of Superheroes is founded as a Superman spinoff, which means there’s a lot of Superman legacy stuff that shows up over the years, and there’s a lot of Flash stuff that shows up from XS, Impulse and the Tornado Twins, but there’s nothing in the Legion’s future that indicates a legacy for Batman. (There’s also nothing involving the Wonder Woman legacy, but, you know, that’s a discussion for another time.) And yet, if you skip ahead to the 853rd Century of DC One Million, the Batman legacy is definitely alive and well.

Second, and the reason it’s so weird that there’s no Batman tie-in for the Legion, is that there actually was a “Batman of the 30th Century.” His name’s Brane Taylor, and he appears in a one-shot story in 1954. It’s not all that obscure among people who read a lot of comics, and with creators’ love of tying things together, it seems mystifying to me that there was never a reintroduction of that character as part of the Legion’s future. Maybe it was the name? “Brane” is, to be honest, kind of awful. But it’s all there, and looking at it as a fan, it seemed natural that you could tie it together. The only thing that you’d really need would be to tweak Brane so that he’d fit in with the teenagers of the Legion, and when I saw (and bought the original art for) Cliff Chiang’s Gatchaman-inspired “Science Ninja Hero Batman,” it all seemed to fall into place. I really wanted it to have a strange feeling of the retrofuturism of the original Legion and its Silver Age roots along with Batman’s darker, more modern aesthetic (there’s a lot of the Morrison run in this, for instance).

So I thought about this for years, and I ended up mentioning it to J. Gonzo, the artist of La Mano Del Destino, and he really loved it and wanted to draw it, and came up with a few ideas his own along the way — Robin and Bat-Mite were his ideas, and I love ‘em. We ended up making a full pitch document with character designs and summaries that I think is really cool, but at the same time, I know that there’s a roughly zero percent chance that it will ever actually happen. So we showed it around to a few people, and now I’m sharing it with you. Enjoy!


[Batman Beyond 2.0 10]

"Uh, no." LMFAO ouch. Oh Terry. Precious precious Terry.

Dick and Babs are so cute together in this comic. c:

Anonymous asked
What music do you think Superman and Batman listen to? Also, what music do you listen to?


Clark listens to a ton of different stuff, but he’s got a special affection for unironic, honest but optimistic pop and soul from all around the world. Motown and Stax and girl group stuff like the Ronettes. Wall of Sound, baby. Stevie Wonder, De La Soul. Wild Tchoupitoulas. Tito Puente, Hugh Masekela. Brave Combo. Five Stairsteps, “Ooh Child.” And anything with a horn section. Flying music, ya know?

Bruce likes Bach. Some Philip Glass. The AKIRA soundtrack. Music with patterns to unravel; music to think to.

And Elvis. Both of ‘em like Elvis.

Enjoy your victory, Grayson. Because it’s going to be a long night. And happy endings aren’t going to be easy to come by. Let’s see what else Gotham has in store (Nightwing V2 #19)

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Detective Comics #27, the first appearance of Batman, was released exactly 75 years ago today. Happy birthday, Batman!


Detective Comics #27, the first appearance of Batman, was released exactly 75 years ago today. Happy birthday, Batman!



Detective Comics 30 is out this April, I hope you’re all as excited as I am! Here’s a peak at my process work for issue 30’s cover.

As usual it starts out with a couple of layouts. Once they give me the go ahead I do digital roughs of the art work before printing it out for inking. Even though I was mostly using silhouettes I still drew out the figures so that I can be accurate with their shapes.

The inking process is still traditional, using pens, brushes, and watercolor for the artwork. After scanning the art, and doing a few tweaks, I color the artwork in Photoshop. In this scenario I created two versions of the cover, a full color and a muted one (the second version is for a digital combo pack of the book). Added a little bit of splatter to the muted one to add some movement to the piece, and voila.

See you all in April!