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I'm on a roll



Imagine the Rogues actually listening to Piper’s undoubtedly frequent and lengthy rants on homophobia, greedy capitalism etc. and surprising people with them.

the rogues having to…


So today I drew Reverse Flash, in what I imagined would be his costume in CW’s The Flash (played by Rick Gosnett). I made a second version much darker to accentuate his “evilness” ^^ In the spirit of “reverse”, I put texture where the Flash’s costume had leather, and leather where it had texture. Except the cowl, kept it leather.

For this one I kinda cheated, cause I didn’t want to spend half an hour or more figuring out how to make it look like the actor, so I picked a photo of him, and inked over it. But he was in a tux on the ref pic, so I still had to draw the costume all by myself ^^ 

The Flash: Guardian Angel Trailer

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